Merry Christmas from the Pelliccis

    Christmas 2017       Pelliccis



“We’d always have like two plates of ravioli and then never eat our Christmas dinner.”

Nevio Pellicci Jnr.


The Pelliccis, of café E. Pellicci in Bethnal Green, have been making their famous Christmas ravioli for the family each year since 1962.

Whatever your tradition may be, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

From the Museum of London


Nevio: We always have family ravioli for Christmas. Before the dinner. Mum would always do it in a beautiful broth.

Anna: We all fill ourselves up on it, init!

Nevio: Yeah, and then the dinner comes out and everyone is like ‘nahhhhh’. It was our favourite thing. We’d always have two plates and then never eat our Christmas dinner. But it’s just our tradition. Every region in Italy does their own little things. Different takes on ravioli and things like that. Mum’s always made it but now that I’m older she’s roped me in. Which I love doing actually and I’ve started bringing my little girls. So hopefully in a few years they can help us make it, but they’re still little. It’s so they can keep the tradition going. And it’s funny, I’ll make it exactly the same as Mum makes it but it’s never as nice as when Mum makes it. But I still help her. Really, when I say I make them, all she really lets me do is fill the raviolis up and cut them out. Sometimes she’ll make it for special customers. But otherwise it’s just for us!

Anna: She does freeze some though.

Nevio: Yeah we might give a few to some of our locals but we never sell ‘em. I grew up like round here, went to school round here, all my mates are round here. There’s great places to go and eat, there’s a great mix of people. I think what’s great about London is the diversity, different people you can meet.


Museum of Pelliccis

The image is part of a series of collaborative works between the Museum of London, photographer Annie Collinge and Londoners.