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DJ at Fabric

“I’m currently living in Stratford but was born in West London. London has been my home all my life.

I come to Smithfield to work but as that work is to DJ at Fabric I also come to Smithfield to have fun.

The best thing about the Smithfield area is Fabric.

London’s greatest asset is the people, and the people who come here from all over the world; to live, work and enjoy what the city has to offer. The experience of day to day life and the sometimes extraordinary things that can happen in a city with so much energy are a constant source of inspiration.

I would love to see something in the new Museum of London that represent the great gift that club culture gives to this city. The music born in the clubs of London is a gift to the world to be celebrated.

We can tell the stories of London better by listening to each other more intently – modern life and technology means we sometimes don’t take the time to.

For me, a Londoner is a person who celebrates diversity and is someone who stands on the right hand side on the escalators.”